Barrie Stephen was recently invited to Manchester to present at a team day for Swedish haircare brand Nine Yards.

Barrie talked to the team about his partnership with Nine Yards, his history in the industry and how he nurtured the Barrie Stephen Hair brand to become the most successful hair salon group in Leicestershire.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to present to the team at Nine Yards and I am so thankful for the invitation,” says Barrie. “It was quite a moving experience to be able to talk all about the history of Barrie Stephen Hair and what the future looks like for our partnership with Nine Yards.

“I also spoke to the team about the importance of never giving up on your dreams. I truly believe that whatever you can visualise, you can materialise. It’s so important to stay true to your vision, true to your goals and don’t let anyone take you away from that.”

Barrie Stephen became the UK brand ambassador of Nine Yards in 2023 and has a close relationship with the founding team in Sweden, bringing a new creative direction to the brand. He is involved in new product development and works on the brand’s marketing and sales strategy in the UK.