If you’ve not had the pleasure of meeting her before, we would like to introduce you to Lottie at our King Street salon. Lottie has recently finished her apprenticeship and is now a fully-fledged graduate.

We’re so proud of her and to celebrate her huge achievement, we’re offering you the chance to book a cut and finish with Lottie for just £35 (offer ends 31/08/24).

We caught up with Lottie to find out all about her and her career so far!

  1. Firstly, please introduce yourself!
    Hello, my name is Lottie and I am a graduate stylist at Barrie Stephen Hair’s King Street salon.
  1. When did you start working at Barrie Stephen Hair?
    I started my career at Barrie Stephan Hair in December 2022.
  1. When did you first know you wanted to be a stylist?
    I first knew I wanted to become a stylist when I was in secondary school, I was always trying something new with my hair as well as practising on friends and family.
  1. Tell us a bit about your career at Barrie Stephen Hair so far!
    My career at Barrie Stephen Hair has been amazing. It’s like one big family. No matter which salon you go to, everyone is so welcoming.
  1. What three words describe you best?
    The three words I would use to describe myself would be dedicated, outgoing and friendly.
  1. If you could tell your clients one thing about yourself, what would you tell them?
    I always go out of my way to make my clients feel comfortable. It’s really important to me that they feel incredibly confident when they leave the salon.
  1. What is your favourite thing about being a stylist?
    My favourite thing about being a stylist is that the client trusts us with a massive part of their identity and it’s amazing to be able to help them achieve their vision.
  1. How can clients get the most out of their appointments with you?
    It’s really important to ask questions and this can definitely help a client get the most out of their appointment with me. Questions about tstyling their hair or how best to care for their hair are very welcome. I want to make sure that their hair looks and feels as amazing as it did when they left the salon for as long as possible!
  1. How do you want clients to feel when they leave the salon?
    I want my clients to walk out the salon feeling incredibly confident and like a million dollars.
  1. What are your top three products available from Barrie Stephen Hair, and why?
    My top three products available at Barrie Stephen Hair are Go Large and Easy Life by Nine Yards and O&M serum. These products help to maintain and protect my client’s hair in the best possible way.

Thank you so much Lottie! To book an appointment with Lottie at our King Street salon, click here.