At Barrie Stephen Hair, our mission is to help make your life a little easier when it comes to your hair.

We researched the most frequently Googled hair care questions and trimmed them down to the top three. Here are our answers with tips for healthy hair habits:

  1. Why is hair care important?
    There are so many reasons why it’s important to take good care of your hair. Good hair care is the key to achieving healthy and luscious locks while avoiding damage, deterioration, and split ends.

We all love that feeling of leaving the salon with our tresses looking and feeling incredible.
By using salon-recommended hair products and adopting a good hair care routine, you can get the very most for your money and stretch out that ‘salon fresh’ feeling for the six weeks in between your appointments.

We believe that hair care is also a key aspect of self-care, which can ultimately boost mental wellbeing. Life can be incredibly time-precious and finding a few extra pennies and minutes to spend looking after your locks might seem like a luxury. However, putting time and resource into your own self-care is essential to your overall wellbeing and your mental health.

  1. Why is it important to keep your hair clean?
    Having a thorough hair care routine is important, not just for its appearance but also for your overall hygiene. Scalp care is just as vital when it comes to the overall health and condition of your hair and preventing many diseases and conditions. The scalp produces a natural oil called sebum that protects your skin from infection. When the body produces too much, it can build up on your scalp. If you don’t wash your hair frequently enough, it can accumulate alongside dead skin, product residue, sweat and dirt, resulting in greasy hair and an increased risk of infection.

We recommend washing your hair at least twice a week to remove dirt, excess oil and unwanted residue from your head, and exfoliating your scalp regularly to break up any build-up residing on your scalp.

  1. Which hair products should I use?
    There are many varied products available on the market to cater to all types and styles, scalp sensitivities and the vast choice can seem a bit bewildering to navigate. Your hair is as unique as you are and deserves a bespoke package tailored to its specific needs and requirements. The stylists in each of our salons can recommend you the perfect products for your hair. Pop in for a bespoke recommendation.