Christmas party season is here, and we know you’ll want to look and feel your best.

You’ve got the dress hanging up in the wardrobe, the shoes are on their way and you know exactly how you’ll be doing your makeup. You might even already know how you’re going to style your hair (sleek ponytail or bouncy Hollywood curls?), but have you started planning what hair care you’ll be using to make sure your hair looks its best all night long?

In each Barrie Stephen salon, you will find the perfect products to make sure your hair looks just as incredible at the end of the night as it did at the start.

  1. Nine Yards: Go Large – Volume Mousse 300ml

This is the product we would take with us to a desert island. It’s a volume-boosting styling mousse with flexible fullness and hold. It’s so easy to apply and will keep your hairstyle in place all night long while still looking really natural. The mousse contains Meadowfoam Oil and Aloe Vera which adds conditioning properties and Orange Peel Oil for a subtle sweet fragrance.

  1. Nine Yards: Play Hard – Dry Matte Paste 300ml

This dry texturising wax will give you a matte finish and is suitable for all hair types. The muddy texture and low shine make it perfect for those looking for a fuller and slightly rougher feel. It contains natural beeswax and castor seed oil for the perfect texture.

  1. Nine Yards: All Play – Shaping Spray 300ml

This shaping spray is designed to create hold while allowing you to restyle until you’ve achieved the perfect look. The spray is easy to brush out and can be applied layer on layer to achieve a more concentrated fix. It also contains Meadowfoam Oil and Aloe Vera which adds conditioning properties and shine.

You’ll find all these products and more in each of our salons. Whether you’re looking for an oil, a mousse, or a setting spray to make your locks look their very best this festive season, pop into any Barrie Stephen Hair salon and our team of expert stylists will be happy to recommend the perfect product for you.

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