Summer is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing seriously stunning hair! But let’s be honest, sometimes our natural locks need a little extra something special to truly shine during those fun-filled months.
If you’re feeling like your hair doesn’t quite have the length or volume that you’re looking for, hair extensions might be the answer.
Here at Barrie Stephen Hair, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re now offering luxurious hair extensions from Spectrum One Hair – perfect for giving you the summer locks of your dreams.

Why should you consider extensions this summer?

1) Instant length and volume: Feeling like your hair is a bit… short on drama? Hair extensions can instantly add length and volume, giving you that gorgeous, swishy hair you’re looking for.

2) Versatility galore: Don’t be fooled – extensions aren’t just for long locks! Want to experiment with a high ponytail or try out some fun summer plaits? Extensions give you the possibility of creating all kinds of stunning styles that might not be possible with your natural hair.

3) Effortless confidence boost: Let’s face it, feeling good about your hair can make all the difference. With extensions, you can rock that beachy waves look without hours of styling, or add some extra volume to your everyday hairstyle for an instant confidence boost.

4) Colour creations: Spectrum One Hair extensions come in a whopping 36 bespoke colours! Extensions let you experiment with colour without damaging your natural hair – perfect for those who like to shake things up a little.

Made from top-quality human hair, our stylists at Barrie Stephen Hair are absolute pros at blending extensions seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you an unbelievably realistic final finish. Plus, we offer Tape extensions specifically, known for being comfortable and discreet.
We’d love to chat with you! Call Barrie Stephen Hair on 0116 402 6222 to book a consultation and discuss how extensions can help you achieve your ultimate summer hair goals. Let’s make this a summer to remember – with hair that’s just as fabulous as you are!