Christmas is officially upon us! We all like to look and feel our best on the big day, but we don’t often have a lot of time to spend perfecting our locks. We’ve curated a list of three effortless looks for you to try out on Christmas morning.

  1. Sleek ponytail
    Starting with a classic hairstyle that will be very easy to achieve when you don’t have much time on Christmas morning! Start by blow-drying your hair and applying your favourite styling products to make the ponytail look smooth and sleek. Secure your hair tight to your head, and apply some light gel around your hairline to clean away any flyaways. Section a small piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap around the elastic band, and secure underneath with a bobby pin.
    For an extra special look, pull a couple of sections of hair loose around the temple area and curl with a curling iron. You could even curl the ends of your ponytail, if you have time!
  1. Side plait
    Even beginners can master a pretty side plait on Christmas morning. Part your hair on the right-hand side, and separate out three strands. Cross the right section over the middle, and repeat with the left side. Now, before you repeat that step again, pull a little bit more hair into the section and continue crossing the hair over the middle section.
    Repeat this until you have secured all of your hair, and secure it with a clear elastic band. You could even tie a pretty scrunchie over the elastic to make it look even bette.
  1. Bow-tiful
    The ultimate minimum effort, maximum result hairstyle (and who doesn’t love the sound of that?). Blow-dry your hair and apply your favourite styling products, and then simply section off the top section of your hair and secure it tightly with a clear elastic band. To make the style look festive, add a beautiful velvet bow. Perfect!

Everyone at Barrie Stephen wishes you a very, merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing you in 2024!