Barrie Stephen’s partnership with Leicester Animal Aid (L.A.A) is entering its sixth consecutive year, with the fundraising total hitting £20,000

Since taking up the role in 2018, Barrie has worked to raise the charity’s profile, including the organisation of multiple fundraising events, such as sponsored dog walks and even a dog talent show.

Funds raised help Leicester Animal Aid care for more than 300 cats and dogs each year who are lost, abandoned, neglected, unwanted or relinquished because their owners can no longer look after them. Their vision is happy pets in loving, responsible homes.

As Ambassador for L.A.A., Barrie has not only raised funds, he has helped the charity promote long-stay animals and judged dog shows at fundraising events. Barrie has also given some of his time to the charity’s Community Pet Support Scheme – a scheme that helps elderly and disabled pet owners in three areas of Leicester to care for their companion animals at home.

Barrie Stephen said: “As well as a passion for hair, I also have a lifelong passion for animal welfare, so this partnership is a natural fit. I’m a dedicated pet owner, with a small menagerie at home, so I know what a difference animals can make to our lives.

“I am so proud that, so far, we have raised £20,000. I know that money will have touched a lot of lives for the better, for both pets and owners. For me personally, the role has brought a lot of positivity and inspiration to my life, and it has boosted my mental health too. It’s so important to find a way to add value to your community and leave the world a little bit better than we found it, and L.A.A enable me to feel that I am making a tangible difference for animals in need – one of the most enduring loves of my life.”

Helen Wilber, Fundraising Manager at L.A.A, commented: “Barrie is a brilliant Ambassador for the charity. Our animals and staff are lucky to have his support. He cares deeply about cats and dogs, and those who look after them. Barrie is on first name terms with many of the CPSS clients, who look forward to seeing him at parties and celebration events. We can’t thank him enough for his contribution to the charity.”

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