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Our top tips on saying No to hair breakage

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Say “No!” To Hair Breakage


It’s every girl’s nightmare: the thought of hair breakage to the point where you’re left with a dry, brittle and sad head of locks. With everything we do with our hair from heated stylers, chemical processing, UV and chlorinated water exposure to tying it up – it’s true that our hair goes through a lot.

Hair is a remarkably strong – a single healthy hair is actually stronger than a steel wire of the same diameter and can stretch up to 30% of its length when wet before breaking.

Our daily actions though can weaken this strength. While there are ways to repair some of the damage created to your hair over time, they say “a stitch in time saves nine” – and prevention is the key when it comes to preserving your beautiful healthy locks.


Here are a few tips for keeping your hair nourished, healthy and breakage-free:

Regular trims


For every girl trying to grow out hair, this might sound like the last thing you want. The truth, however, is that if your hair breaks, the only sure-fire way to stop further breakage is to cut off the dead end. If your breakage gets worse over time, you’re likely to need more cutting to prevent further damage.

Turn down the heat


We all love the dramatic poker straight look, or the volumous and bouncy curls every now and then, but what’s important is that your hair is protected. While, of course, you should always put a heat protector on your hair before heat styling (we love ____!), temperature-adjustable stylers are a great choice. Finer hair will generally require less heat than thick, dense hair, and buying stylers that cater for this fact ensures that your hair is getting no more heat than needed!

Use the right shampoo for you


First off, ensure you’re using the right shampoo for your hair type. Ask us in-salon to make sure you’re using the right product for your hair. When you come to shampoo your locks, ensure you use the right amount for you. Have a play around with your hair routine until you have found the right amount for the perfect results. Also, if you tend to suffer with dry, brittle ends, limit the shampoo that reaches the tips of your hair, as it’ll naturally get cleaned as you shower out the shampoo from your roots.

Be kind to your hair


How you put up your hair can cause weakness…choose your hair bobbles carefully so you don’t have a of ring damage, where you constantly pull and twist the same area of hair. Don’t leave your hair under traction or pull too tightly. One of our clients carrying a heavy computer bag on her shoulder was trapping and breaking a section of her hair. Also brush and comb carefully. Gently remove tangles with a wide-tooth comb, starting at your ends and gradually working up towards the roots.

Sun protection


Just as you protect your skin from UV damage do the same for your hair. By stepping out without protection you’re putting your hair at risk of fading, lack of moisture and overall distress. This leaves strands looking dull and dehydrated which can cause breakages. Longer term it gives hair premature ageing – weird we know but hair also ages, usually seen by a lack of volume. Your full great full pony tail will simply get thinner.

Speak to your stylist


We know a thing or two about hair – and you should never be scared about breakage when there are so many great ways to prevent it. When you come in for your treatment, be sure to speak to your stylist about any breakage or other hair concerns you might have. We’re laden with tips, tricks and hair knowledge we’d love to pass onto you, so your locks can stay perfect between appointments.

Here’s to healthy breakage-free hair!